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22 December 2017
Customer Service

CHDA is committed to providing a high quality, sensitive and respectful service to all our customers. To assess how we are performing, we commission an independent research company to survey customers on the quality of service we provide.

Every three months, over 1,000 individuals are asked questions on their appointment arrangements, the facilities at the Assessment Centres and how they feel about how the Healthcare Professional interacted with them. They are also asked about any further suggestions they have for improving the service.

Survey results between September and November 2017 have shown another increase in satisfaction, with overall rates now at 94.89%. This is a new record for CHDA.

We are proud of both the current levels of satisfaction and how we have consistently raised satisfaction levels since we began operating the service in March 2015. This shows how our commitment to customer service and improving the experience for every individual attending an Assessment Centre.

Customer satisfaction levels to date have been:

We remain committed to further improvements in customer satisfaction to ensure everyone has a positive experience at our Assessment Centres.

Quarter end Satisfaction rating
May 15 87.8%
Aug 15 89.1%
Nov 15 89.6%
Feb 16 92.8%
May 16 93.5%
Aug 16 94.4%
Nov 16 93.4%
Feb 17 93.8%
May 17 94.26%
Aug 17 94.41%
Nov 17 94.89%

Feedback from the survey and other stakeholders has led to a number of national initiatives to further improve customer satisfaction rates. These include:

  • A GP engagement programme to ensure relevant evidence is gathered to avoid calling a customer to a face to face assessment where this is possible
  • A review of information held in waiting rooms to ensure this is relevant and informative.
  • Customer Champions around the country to support colleagues and our customers to ensure those customers who are anxious or very unwell are best supported
  • Network of Functional (Clinical) Champions in key disability/health areas to share best practice with Healthcare Professionals
  • Review of appointment letters and accompanying information

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the surveys. If you would like to share your feedback with us, Customer Feedback forms are available in every Assessment Centre and can also be downloaded here.

We welcome any suggestions to make our service better, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a comment or query.

Brian Pepper,

National Customer Relations Manager