Engaging with GPs

24 August 2017
CHDA attends exhibition at Pulse Live

Making sure our doctors, nurses and therapists have access to timely and accurate medical evidence is an important part of delivering a quality, sensitive and respectful service for all our customers.

When completing the ESA50 form, customers are asked to provide any relevant medical evidence they already have. This can include reports, care or treatment plans, medical test results, prescription lists alongside other relevant information as detailed on page five of the ESA50 form.

In some cases, CHDA may request additional medical evidence from a GP or other medical professional.  

To help GPs and other medical professionals to provide relevant medical evidence in a timely way, CHDA has launched a new initiative to help them assist their patients. CHDA representatives are meeting with GP groups across the country to explain the assessment process and what evidence is useful. We have also produced a helpful guide for GPs and have been exhibiting at a number of healthcare events. The aim is to ensure that wherever possible, all our customers have the right level of medical evidence to support their claim.

You can read more about the assessment process here.

For help with the capability for work questionnaire, please call our Customer Enquiry line on 0800 288 8777. Select option 1 for the English language service, then option 2 for our advisory team. For the Welsh language service, please call our Customer Enquiry line and press option 2.