Assessment Process

After your assessment

The Assessment Report

After your assessment our Healthcare Professional completes a report using criteria laid out by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). This is to provide the DWP Decision Maker with an impartial, justified medical opinion about how you are affected by your medical condition.

The Assessment Report will describe your medical conditions and the activities you undertake in a typical day. It will also have the Healthcare Professional’s observations, and the results of any physical examination undertaken.

The report is one piece of information DWP uses in deciding your entitlement. The Healthcare Professional who carries out your assessment does not make any decision about your allowance, benefit or credits. The Healthcare Professional will not know the outcome of your claim.

You may request a copy of the full report from DWP office handling your claim.

Decisions on claims

DWP will notify you of the outcome of your claim.

DWP makes decisions on claims. Direct any questions or concerns about the outcome of your claim to the DWP office handling your claim. They will know what information they have used to decide your entitlement. The Health Assessment Advisory Service will not be aware of this. We have no decision-making role.

You can see the report completed by the Healthcare Professional after it has been sent to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). If you want a copy, you can call the DWP office that is looking after your claim. The telephone number for the DWP office can be found on the letters you have received from them about your benefit claim.

Further information

If you have questions, contact the DWP office handling your claim. The office number will be on letters you have received about your claim.

For Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and Industrial Injuries benefits, to get the correct number call 0800 169 0310. If you have speech or hearing difficulties you can call Jobcentre Plus by text phone on 0800 169 0314.

For Universal Credit you should use your Journal to contact DWP

For the Disability and Carers benefits, to get the correct number call 0845 712 3456. If you have speech or hearing difficulties you can call them by text phone on 0845 722 4433.