Requesting a home visit if you cannot travel

26 February 2015
woman working on laptop

If you feel that you are unable to travel to an Assessment Centre, you can ask for the assessment to be carried out in your home. Please call our Customer Relations Centre on 0800 288 8777. You must contact us before your appointment.

We will ask you to provide information from your treating medical professional to explain why you are unable to travel to an Assessment Centre. We are unable to help you pay for any charges from your medical professional for providing a letter.

This information will be considered by a Healthcare Professional. They will decide whether a home visit is necessary. Home visits are usually only carried out when you are unable to leave your home for any reason. If it is clear that you are able to attend GP or hospital appointments, you will normally be expected to attend an Assessment Centre for your ESA appointment.

If we do not receive the information before your appointment, or a home visit is not authorised, you will be expected to attend the appointment.

If you do not attend your ESA appointment, you will be sent a form (BF223). It will ask why you did not attend. Fill out the form and send it in the addressed envelope to the Jobcentre office dealing with your claim. If they accept ‘good cause’ for not attending the appointment, they may refer your case back to the Health Assessment Advisory Service to arrange a new appointment.