The Assessment Process

The Health Assessment Advisory Service arranges and carries out assessments on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). If you are claiming benefits as a result of a disability, injury or ill health, you may be required by DWP to have an assessment with a qualified Healthcare Professional as part of your claim process. Learn more about what happens before your assessment.

Our Healthcare Professionals conduct the assessments; using criteria set out by the Government, and provide DWP with independent advice in an Assessment Report. Learn more about what happens during your assessment.

DWP Decision Makers review the Assessment Report, along with any other additional information they have received, to decide on your entitlement to benefit. We do not decide your benefit entitlement. DWP will notify you of the outcome of your claim. Learn more about what happens after your assessment.

We cannot give you advice or provide an opinion on the outcome of your claim. DWP Decision Makers may use other information when considering your entitlement to benefit.  We are not informed of the outcome of individual decisions and we have no targets related to decisions made.