All face-to-face assessments suspended

The Department for Work and Pensions has temporarily stopped all face-to-face assessments due to the Coronavirus.  All of our Assessment Centres are currently closed to ensure the health of our colleagues and customers. 

  • If you have an appointment for a face-to-face assessment please do not attend.  We will contact you to discuss the next steps.   
  • If you have made a new claim for ESA or UC but do not have a date for an assessment appointment, you do not need to do anything.  We will contact you by telephone or letter to let you know what will happen next.  
  • If you are already receiving ESA or UC and your case has been referred to us for an assessment, you do not need to do anything.  You will continue to receive your current benefit payments for ESA or UC.
  • If you are already receiving ESA or UC and there is a change in your circumstances, or you wish to make a new claim please see for further information.

The current NHS guidelines on Coronavirus, including advice on those who should stay at home can be found here.

If you have any questions please contact us on 0800 288 8777 or email